A Little DIY

Christmas Stockings

This was the first Christmas that Chris and I were spending together in our new home and I wanted to have Christmas stockings (they really are my favourite!). I made sure to grab all of the supplies well in advance and over the Christmas break we got down to business. 

This isn't really a tutorial because it is one of those crafts where you just wing it! After you have the shape of your stocking and have sewn it together, you can decorate it with whatever materials and however you would like!

When making the shape of the stocking we just traced an outline of another stocking and enlarged it a bit. Currently I do not have a sewing machine and since my parents (who do have one) live about 4 hours away I enlisted the help of my friend Lauren.  It ended up with me chatting away while she sewed the two stockings for me!

After that Chris and I had free reign to do whatever we wanted! I think they turned out really well and I am excited to have them forever! What do you think? 

Recipe Book

What you need:
-enough material to cover the outside of a binder 
-spray adhesive
-plain dividers
-scrapbook paper

This is a super simple DIY that I found online and just LOVE! I made this one as a house warming gift for my friend Michelle. 


1. Place the binder open and on top of the fabric. Cut around the binder giving yourself about an inch extra on all sides.

2. Using the spray adhesive, spray the fabric and quickly place the binder on top of the wrong side of the fabric. I folded the corners like a present to make it look a bit neater. You can also tuck the fabric under the binder rings so it doesn't bulge out and look sloppy.

3. While this is drying, using the scrapbook paper of your choice, cover each divider. I used lined paper on the back side of the divider to give space for notes. I also actually made these dividers by hand using card stock which I will not do again knowing you can just buy blank dividers and then paste on the scrapbook paper! I did 8 dividers - Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Meat, Fish & Seafood, Pasta, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Beverages. 

4. I then cut out felt letters for the front and used a glue gun to attach them on. I also used the glue gun to reinforce the corners and just under the binder rings.

5. Once the fabric and spray adhesive have dried, cut out two more pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the front and back panels. 

You can customize the recipe book completely using different fabrics, decorations on the front and paper for the dividers and front and back panels. LOVE IT!

Wire Flower Art

What you need:
-canvas from your local dollar store
-garden wire, black
-paint brush
-paint (I used water colour)

1. On a scrap piece of paper sketch your design idea to use as a guide.

2. Making sure to leave about an inch as a tail, use the wire to create the head of the flower by twisting the wire into shape. For a thicker look, double up on the wire by twisting it together. Continuing with the same string of wire, create the stem and leaf pattern leaving another tail to secure through the canvas.

3. Carefully poke one tail end of the wire through the canvas and twist to secure on the back side.

4. Manipulate the wire so the flower is in the desired position and relatively flush with the canvas. Poke the bottom tail into the canvas and secure.

5. Using the water colour paint, paint an area of the flower you wish to accent.

I find it is easier to make the flower and stem with one long piece of wire. You may want to try separate pieces if you find it too finicky. You can also experiment with painting more or less of the piece, creating different shapes with the wire and using multiple colours of paint if you wish! Be creative!!

DIY Coasters

A great gift idea and it is super easy!

What you need:
-4 Small tiles from a home depot store
-Scrapbook paper
-Mod Podge
-An acrylic sealer
-Matching colour (to your scrapbook paper) felt pieces
-Paint brush

1. Trace one tile onto scrap book paper and cut. I trimmed the squares to be slightly smaller than the actual tile to avoid any over-hang. 

2. Trace the tile onto the felt piece and cut out 4 squares. Again I made them a bit smaller than the dial itself.

3. Making sure the tile is clean, brush with a layer of Mod Podge and place the scrapbook square onto the tile. Smooth out the paper to get rid of any air pockets.

4. Wait at least 20 minutes to dry. Apply another coat of Mod Podge onto of the scrapbook paper. Repeat 2 more times (3 coats in total), leaving at least 20 minutes in between layers.

5. Let dry for several hours. Apply a thin layer of the acrylic sealer. Leave overnight to dry.

6. Using the Mod Podge, glue the felt piece to the bottom of the tile and voila! Home made coasters!
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