Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Source: Loved her first book, Infidel
Days to Read: 10

You know that feeling when you start a book and just know that it is going to be good? That was my initial thought when I started reading Nomad. I believe I sent a message to my friend, who had also read Infidel, that she should pick up the book.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes Nomad in the form of an essay. The introduction provides the reader with some background information on her life for those who have not read her first book as well as outlining the course of the book and the points she is going to argue.  Infidel is a story of Ayaan’s life and Nomad is a reflection on her life’s journey thus far.  I preferred Nomad as it raised a lot of questions and provided information and insight into the life and culture of a Muslim woman. I felt so strongly about this book that I wrote an email to Ayaan. That very day there was an article in the paper about a father, son and mother being accused of killing their 3 daughters and the husband’s former wife. It came as a shock to me after reading the book and hearing many stories of violence against Muslim woman the sheer lack of any action being taken. Furthermore this type of violence was happening in Canada, a place where we respect one another and look after each other.

I urge everyone to read this book, to make yourself aware of the violence and mistreatment of women occurring all over the world. Visit Ayaan’s foundation for more information at http://theahafoundation.org/.

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