Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar
Author: J.R. Moehringer
Source: My parents
Days to Read: A week

When my dad gave me this book to read he said it was great.  I went into this one with high expectations and it did not disappoint! The book is a memoir and details J.R.'s life growing up with a love and deep connection to a bar in Manhasset, New York. 

J.R.'s mother left his abusive father when he was young and growing up without a father figure he looked to the bar and the men that frequented it to be his guides and mentors. With all types of characters found at the bar, J.R. grows up in the company of these men and loves them all.  The bar is his sanctuary.  

As a young 20 something who recently graduated from Yale, he returns home to Manhasset and to his beloved bar in search of some direction in his life. As you read the memoir you can feel the emotions of J.R. as he struggles to find himself.  It came across to me as an honest recollection and analysis of his youth and the lessons he learned. At times it is funny, sad and depressing, and still heart warming. 

Definitely worth a read!
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