Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Midnight at the Dragon Cafe

Author:  Judy Fong Bates
Source: My mom
Days to Complete: 7

While I was up at my parent’s house over the long weekend my mom passed along Midnight at the Dragon Café. I read the insert and it sounded interesting enough.

 I was pleasantly surprised with this book by Canadian author Judy Fong Bates.  This spring it was selected for the 2011 Keep Toronto Reading One Book community reads program. The book is an easy read and keeps you interested from start to finish.  I enjoy reading about different cultures and this book has a good contrast between two generations.  The parents have their old Chinese traditions and beliefs and speak very little English. They are raising a daughter who attends an English speaking school and is one of the only Chinese students.  As she grows up she identifies with her small town and the lifestyles and culture of Canadians while at home she feels a disconnect with her parents as she is not able to express herself as colourfully in their first language. Within the family there is a big secret that is never spoken about and causes great tension.

If you’re looking for a great story about family that isn’t too heavy a read then give this one a try!

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