Monday, August 15, 2011

Left Neglected

Left Neglected
Author: Lisa Genova
Source: Danielle (My friend from work)
Days to Complete: 5

I picked up this book at Chapters awhile ago and read the back but didn’t end up buying it. My friend Danielle from work told me she had started reading it and that she was enjoying it so I went back to re-read the synopsis and bought the book! I prefer to buy my books instead of borrowing them. I love building my collection; I have never gone into a book store and left empty handed. 

I loved this book. It made me laugh and, yes I admit, it made me tear up a bit! Lisa Genova, who also wrote Still Alice, has her PhD in neuroscience and wrote about what she knows. The book is about a successful wife and mother of 3, Sarah, who works as a VP for a big firm in Boston. Basically she has no time for herself and lives her life in hyper speed.  An unfortunate accident changes her life in many ways. The novel follows her journey both physically and mentally as she deals with a traumatic brain injury. I really liked this book because it was able to paint a pretty clear picture of a specific mental deficit. It took me awhile to wrap my head around what the character was feeling and going through but once I did it was great. The character makes light of the sometimes sticky situations she finds herself in which adds some good and needed humour to the otherwise heavy content of the book. I also loved the relationship between Sarah and her husband Bob, they are so in love and grow with each other which keeps a solid element of hope throughout the novel.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story about love and personal strength then read this book!
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