Thursday, September 08, 2011

Island Beneath the Sea

Island Beneath the Sea
Author: Isabel Allende
Source: Reading the back of the book at Chapters
Days to Complete:7

This book took me a little longer to read but it was pretty interesting. I feel like I usually say that about books that I'm not crazy about. But I was reading one evening on my subway ride home and missed my stop because I was so into a particular part of the book! This was how I found the book; a page turner at some points while at others it seemed to drag a bit. The story is about a young girl living in Saint-Domingue who is bought at a young age by an older white master who owns a plantation.  She has a rough life but makes the best of it. There is a lot of history intertwined with the book and ups and downs for Tete, the main character. I thought this book was okay but it isn't one of my favourites. I like a good love story, either romantic or platonic, and I found this book lacked that. Tete does fall in love but it is only referenced a few times in the book, not enough to make you care about the relationship. The book is so-so, I don't know what else to say!
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