Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers
Author: Katrina Kittle
Source: Mom's friend Mary-Rose
Days to Read: 8

I think I need to come up with some sort of scale for rating the books I am writing about. I will think about this and get back to you! Also did anyone notice my little "favicon" in the URL bar? I am so proud of myself!

Moving on... I loved this book. It was a tough read with a lot of emotional content, but it was a great. The book is about Sarah, a widow, and her 2 sons, Danny and Nate who step in to help Sarah’s friend’s son Jordan in his time of need. Jordan’s parents have sexually abused him for many years and as the truth unfolds, Sarah struggles with the emerging truths about her supposed friend. The family is still dealing with the loss of husband and father when Nate proposes that his family foster Jordan. The family comes together in ways they never had expected and together help to heal one another.

As I said, the book is pretty moving and I definitely teared up a few times. But it is also a good heart warming book that leaves you satisfied and happy after the last page is read. 
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