Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The House at Riverton

The House at Riverton
Author: Kate Morton
Source: Chapters
Days to read: 7

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since I last wrote about my books. I should have clued in when I noticed the pile of 4 books on my desk. They were not put away for a reason!

Anyway, YES - I loved this book! If you haven't read Kate Morton's other novel, The Forgotten Garden, read one or both of them! I love historical novels and The House at Riverton is just that. The narrator, Grace, is a maid at the house of Riverton who has kept a secret about the Hartford family for many years. The story unfolds as Grace relives her past through discussion with a movie director who is making a film based on the Hartford family and the events of the summer of 1924 when a young poet took his life. The book keeps you entertained throughout and keeps you guessing as to what the truth is about the mysterious event. I won't give too much detail so you can read for yourself! 

I really like the character development in Morton's novels and I also like how the main character tells the story to someone else, looking back in some form or another. 

This book also gives you an interesting perspective of an Edwardian aristocratic household in the 1920's and how things changed in society as the years went on. The Hartford sister's, Hannah and Emmeline are very different girls. Emmeline embraces the 20's - the new fashions, hairstyles, and partying ways of the young populace, whereas Hannah is more traditional and constantly worrying about her younger sister’s adventurous and sometimes dangerous ways. While watching the young sisters every summer while they are at Riverton, Grace yearns for a bond with the girls. Over time she develops a kinship with Hannah and it is put to the test when she becomes the only other witness (besides the sisters and the poet) to the events of the summer of 1924.
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  1. Hil you sure do write a grea summary -I may have to start reading chick lit soon