Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not My Daughter

Not My Daughter
Author: Barbara Delinsky
Source: My friend, Ali Bettger
Days to Complete: 6

My friend Ali and I always discuss and recommend books to one another. A few weeks ago I was at her house and had mentioned I was looking for a new book to start and she passed this one along to me. This book kept me reading but I thought the story line was a little farfetched. It is definitely a "light and fluffy" read as I like to call it.

The story is about a mother, principal and friend who had a daughter when she was a teenager. She struggled through her 20s, her parents cut her out of their lives and she refused to marry the father of her child. She worked hard and became a principal at the school which her daughter attends. Her daughter Lily is your typical good student, good girl, so when she tells her mother she is pregnant it comes as a big shock to Susan. The story unfolds as the reader learns that Lily's two best friends are also pregnant and they had a pact to become pregnant at the same time. Lily's situation parallels that of her mother's in that she is still in high school when she becomes pregnant and has a group of 4 friends who are all very close. Susan happens to be best friends with the 2 other mothers whose daughters also become pregnant. Did you follow all that? This is where I began to feel the book was a little bit of a stretch. No doubt that this type of situation could happen, but for me it just didn't provide enough depth to carry it along. It was somewhat predictable and I never felt emotionally drawn to any of the characters. That being said, I would classify it as a good, light summer read.

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