Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainy Day Frustration!

I meant to post this yesterday but as luck would have it my computer decided to freeze every time I tried to open the internet. Extremely frustrating!  For those of you in the GTA, yesterday was a rainy day for us. Thankfully I am a weather network enthusiast and was therefore prepared with my trusty, albeit slightly tattered, umbrella. On a side note, I must have learned my weather network behaviour from my brother who, when we were in grade school, would watch the weather network every morning while eating breakfast before school. Now, I consult my app at least 3 times a day to stay on top of it. 

But enough about the weather network. I was on my lunch break yesterday and was going to head to the bank a few blocks away. I quickly realized that walking on the streets in the city on a rainy day with 90% of the people holding an umbrella is stressful task for someone who naturally is a fast paced walker. I typically just weave my way through the crowds with relative ease. However, throw in the umbrellas and it’s a whole new ball game. Some people don’t get out of your way so you’re bound to poke out their eyes with the little spokes. Others shield their faces with the umbrella and thus don’t see anything but the pavement in front of them. And others who are angry at the world because they forgot their umbrellas at home refuse to move out of the way and you have to either stumble onto the street or into a side walk stand of shoes. Next time it rains I think I will wear a rain coat with a hood so I can weave through the crowds unobstructed!
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  1. So annoying! I would like to add my distaste for wet umbrellas because I think they are one of my number one pet peeves both inside and outside! Outside, they spill water off the sides, which you inevitably get soaked with when walking by other people's umbrellas. Inside, there is never a good place to put them! And don't even get me started on trying to close a wet umbrella when you get into a car...grrr