Monday, April 02, 2012

Half Blood Blues

Half Blood Blues
Author: Esi Edugyan
Source: TTC Subway
Days to Read: 2 weeks

Our first book club meeting was a success! Albeit only half of the members were able to make it and of that half, only another half had finished the book! It turns out my pick was not well received which was very frustrating because I enjoy practically every book that I read and I had high expectations for this book.

I thought that this book just fell flat. The characters and their relationships with one another were not developed enough to really make you feel anything about them. I also felt the language in this book was difficult and unlike in The Grapes of Wrath, the narration was also written in the vernacular which meant constant concentration on the getting into the groove. Also, some people found the jumping from different times confusing and not effective.  

Perhaps my expectations were too high but I just did not enjoy this book. I realized half way through that I had read another novel by Esi Edugyan, The Second Life of Samuel Tyne. I did not really enjoy that book either for similar reasons. There is no emotional connection to the characters and I can not relate to them, their situations or their relationships with others.

Despite all the rave reviews this was not my cup of tea. 
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  1. Sounds like our next book club pick is going to be a winner! I still very much enjoyed the wine and girltalk from 1st meeting ;)